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Fashion Tips for Men’s Untucked Shirts & Designer No Tuck Tees 

Untucked shirts, also known as no tuck shirts and tuckless shirts, are a favorite style of shirt for men because of their comfort in wear and their unique look. In this article we will cover some fashion tips and information about mens untucked shirts so that you are able to make informed decisions on when and how to go untucked.

The determining factors in whether you can go with a no tuck look are not dependent on how tall or big you are. However, there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind. One such guideline is that the length of the shirt should be at or above your wrists when your arms are hanging down the side of your body. If the shirt falls below your palm, it should definitely be tucked in. A shirt in the in-between range won’t look right, and we recommend that you do not purchase such a shirt. If the crop of the shirt is arched up on the side, that is an indicator that the shirt is meant to be tuckless, although large tails in the front or back suggest that the shirt should be tucked in. A flat crop indicates that the shirt is meant to be tucked in.

Sizing matters, and if you find that in raising your arms overhead that the shirt leaves part of your core uncovered, you should return the shirt and get one with a better fit.

Some types of shirts are always meant to be untucked, such as polo shirts, Hawaiian shirts, rugby shirts, and short-sleeved button-up/ button -down shirts that are sporty and meant for hot weather. T-shirts are often meant to be tuckless.

Untucked shirts work for a casual feel, but that doesn’t mean that there is no such thing as untucked dress shirts—quite the contrary. Now admittedly, tucking in a shirt will always be more formal than wearing a shirt untucked. Hot weather calls for different standards of formality than colder weather, and for instance, the Guayabera shirt (sometimes called the “Mexican wedding shirt”) is an untucked shirt that is commonly worn at formal occasions in hot climates. A formal event at a casual locale, like a beach wedding, may be the perfect time to wear an untucked dressy shirt.

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Untucked shirts can look quite hip, and one shouldn’t assume that they contribute to a sloppy look. There are many sharp-looking shirts that are meant to be untucked, and as long as you stick with top designer brands and follow the guidelines mentioned above, you should have success with your fashionable and comfortable look.

We hope this article has been informative. For more information about men’s untucked shirts and to see a great selection with the best prices, visit us at We love to answer questions about no tuck shirts!
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